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Do you want great rewards in life? Read on…

I have to warn you, today I have a story that might involve a little pain, sadness, maybe a little tear but if you are able to conquer this challenge you will be enlightened by the true transformation that is to follow.

So today, I want you to cut the fear, I want you to run full force into failure, rejection and defeat. I want you to make those three your few. Let me remind you that life works in equilibrium, just like a pendulum. Just like we have day, we also have night, we have ups, we have downs, we have good, we have bad, we have victory and we have defeat. You can’t swing the pendulum only in one direction. Every swing requires facing its opposing value. To achieve your greatest dreams, to gain a great reward you are going to have to take the scary risks. The risks that can result in failure, rejection, sadness and defeat. Because one side of the pendulum is not possible without the other. Reward requires… risk.

I am not talking about making decisions that could put you or your family in jeopardy, I am talking about risking your ego, popularity, the approval rejection of your clan or family, the people in your peer group, those you have always wanted to please and be in good graces with. Billions of people have passed on this planet and have never realized their greatness because they just did not want to risk rejection from the ones they love. They were too afraid to risk the lives they were already living for the ones they were capable of achieving.

You see, we easily fall prey to easy and comfortable. Why risk failure or rejection while what we have is not “that bad”? It is not all that you want it to be but it works… Right? It is not bad enough to wake up and take aggressive action to do what it takes. Here is the deal though, you are wallowing in comfort and complacency which means you are playing at a level way below what you were designed to achieve… You are playing small when you were designed for the major leagues

So let me ask you. Are you willing to risk your comfort? Are you willing to risk the life you are living for the one you are capable of? Cut the fear, boldly risk your ego to reach for your true potential. Here is your challenge for today. There are 8 areas of your life. Business, Financial, Mental, Physical, Family, Spiritual, Lifestyle and Relationships. I’d like for you to pick one and view it from the fear free perspective of going after your dream and not letting your ego get in the way. Go ahead, give it a try and believe in yourself. You will soon discover that the swing of the pendulum away from fear brings you to success and achievement.

Please let me know in comments which area you picked and which action you decided to take to change the direction of your pendulum… Have a beautiful fearless day!

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Anne-Elizabeth Cecillon

Anne-Elizabeth Cecillon


From flying the A380 around the world to redefining my life as a coach and writer I am constantly striving for growth...